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Northern Area Western Conference

Edmonton, Canada | Edmonton Convention Centre

April 11-14, 2022

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A thank you to all golfers that attended the Edmonton Tournament
Look forward to seeing you in the summer of 2022 on July 15th at Coloniale.

Dear Golfing Attendees on July 16th,

Your donations will help someone in need, and we thank you for that. Consider for a moment the profound effect this act of kindness could have on a recipient. The ripples of empathy continue indefinitely, and those who receive help, could begin helping others.

Such was the case with Barbara - one of our clients who requested a food hamper. Barbara was always independent and able to support her family. She sometimes worked multiple jobs such as a staff member at a group home, and a teaching assistant. When even those efforts were not enough, she reached out to Edmonton’s Food Bank for help.

When Barbara returned home with her hamper, her kids were excited to see it included treats like yogurt drinks. Barbara couldn’t remember the last time she offered treats to her children and realized she had done the right thing by contacting the Food Bank.

Recently, Barbara opened up a group home for youth living rough in Edmonton. She has fulfilled her dream of putting young people on a better path and ultimately creating a better community.

You helped her get there.

Thank you for your support today, and the possibilities for tomorrow.
Edmonton Food Bank